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The Beginning

The reason for organizing and establishing a fire department became paramount when residents in the communities of Clopton, Almyra, and Salem-Idaville began receiving letters from their homeowner’s insurance companies stating that either the annual premiums would be double in price, or even worse, cancelled because of the lack of fire protection in these areas.  The concerned residents met to discuss forming a fire department to enable them to obtain insurance more easily and cheaply.  

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Starting from nothing, a group of dedicated men and women contributed a considerable amount of their time, money, and personal pride in the Fire Department. Many meetings were held, voices heard, ideas suggested.  The resulting consensus was to start a fire department that consists of volunteers from the three communities.  A building was constructed by the volunteers on a property donated by the Fee Family. In order to have a name for the newly incorporated fire department, someone suggested using three stars to represent the three communities involved in the incorporation.  Thus, the Three Star Volunteer Fire Department came into being. The incorporation of the Three Star Volunteer Fire Department became effective on June 1, 1987 upon receipt of State Charter.  Because of their commitment to public safety and fire protection, the department received an insurance rating classification (ISO) of 9 that allow the residents to obtain home owners insurance more easily and cheaply.  Today, the residents enjoy an ISO rating of 6. 

Through the year, more and more families began to move into the Three Star fire district, enabling the membership of the department to grow to over 1500 families at present.  Many volunteers have joined the department since the beginning.   The volunteers currently on the roles have vastly different careers either in Tipton County or in the Memphis area.  However, they all have a common goal, and that is to protect their loved ones, friends, and neighbors against fires and accidents that take place in and around their homes.  

Today, the men and women that make up Three Star Volunteer Fire Department still dedicate many hours each year to keep up with the mandates of being a fire department and a firefighter.  These mandates include all aspects of training, maintenance, administrative, and operations.  Volunteering their time, and sacrificing time with loved ones so the families and visitors of Three Star fire district can be protected against any major loss due to fire, accident, or medical emergencies.