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The below application process is to become a probationary firefighter. If your interest is ‘other than’ firefighting (i.e EMS only, board, auxiliary) please fill out application and state so. Each application will be reviewed. In the volunteer world, there is always a place on the team for help.

Please submit application and let us know your interests.

If you want to be a Volunteer:

First, you must live in the Three Star Volunteer Fire Department district to join and be dedicated and committed to your community. If you don't have previous training, that's fine, we'll provide all the training you need in order to become part of the team. Annual Recruit classes are held on an ‘as needed basis’ in Tipton County and we will arrange for you to attend first available.

Print out and complete the Volunteer Application below and drop off in person to the Fire Station, that way we can meet you and answer your questions about the class and the department.

Applicant Requirements:

We are always looking for new members to join our department. All prospective members must submit a completed application to be reviewed by the Fire Chief.

In addition to below guidelines, the applicant must meet the minimum criteria to be considered for membership into the Three Star Fire Department and probationary firefighter status:

• Minimum age of 18

• Reside within the fire district of Three Star Fire Department (exceptions shall be awarded by the Chief).

• Physically and mentally capable to perform the duties of a firefighter.

Complete an application form for review and approval by the Chief and command staff.

• Be of good moral character • Must not be convicted of any felony charge

• Valid Driver’s License

• Be a US Citizen or resident alien

Application Process:  Click here for Application

Once the application is received, this will start the processing phase.  During this phase the following should be expected

  • A Driver’s License and Criminal background check will be submitted through the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations. The Three Star Fire Department reserves the right to deny membership to applicants who have a history of arson and/or other felony.
  • Applicant should be in good physical health and should receive clearance from their personal physician stating that the prospective firefighter is physically able to fulfill the duties of a structural firefighter as per NFPA standards.
  • During the application orientation process, the candidate will be expected to adhere to all guidelines as any other Probationary Firefighters.
  • The Chiefs and officers will meet with the applicant to discuss the duties, responsibilities, and expectations of a firefighter. Issues to be addressed will include the applicant’s motivation, ability to make the necessary time commitment, probationary period expectations, and comfort with operating as part of a fire service organization. The differences between the Three Star Fire Department and the association will be explained, along with the training requirements and expectations. Responsibilities of all firefighters and officers as employees of the Three Star Fire Department and expectations in terms of personal conduct on and off the fire ground will be explained to the candidate.
  • A mentor will be assigned to work with the applicant through the completion of their probationary period.
  • The application will be submitted to the membership present at an appropriate department meeting for its approval and acceptance.

At this point the applicant will become a Probationary Firefighter and will be issued copies of Three Star Fire Department Standard Operating Guidelines, By-Laws, and other items as determined by the Fire Chief. Personal protective equipment, pager and Handheld radio will be issued at the discretion of the Fire Chief during the probationary period.

We would be honored to answer any questions you may have.  

Three Star Volunteer Fire Department

2050 Sadler School Road, Brighton, TN 38011

(901) 476-8183