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This program is a free, in-home fire safety education and smoke alarm installation program that has been attributed to saving over 272 lives. Launched in November 2012, the program distributes fire safety education and 10-year sealed battery smoke alarms to participating fire departments. The fire departments then deliver the education and install smoke alarms in at-risk homes across the state.

"Get Alarmed, TN!" is a grant-funded fire safety education and smoke alarm installation program administered by the State Fire Marshall's Office. The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance just recently announced that “Get Alarmed, Tennessee!” program will continue into 2019 after Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) officials recently approved a Fire Prevention and Safety Grant.

Fire Fatalities – Facts!

YearDocumented Saves 
2012- 13 50
2014 35
2015 43
2016 46
2017 32
2018 53
2019 28
2020 27

Tennessee now 11th in the Nation

Tennessee historically has had a high fire mortality rate along with many other southern states. In fact, 9 of the top 10 highest fire mortality states are located in the U.S. Census Southern Regions. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reported Tennessee’s 2006-2010 fire mortality rate to be 19.3 deaths per million, which means for every 1 million people in Tennessee, 19.3 deaths occur annually. The 19.3 deaths per million rate gave Tennessee the nation’s 8th highest fire mortality rate in 2010.

In 2017, NFPA released an updated report on the nation's fire mortality rates. Tennessee's fire mortality rate dropped from 19.3 deaths per million (2006-2010) to 14.6 deaths per million (2011-2015), a 24% reduction.  This is the single largest reduction in fire mortality rate in Tennessee’s recorded history. In addition, Tennessee's ranking among the nation's fire mortality rates dropped from 8th to 11th. 

Three Star Volunteer Fire Department is proud to be a part of this great program and are actively involved in educating our fire management district and installing smoke alarms, as needed. If you need additional or new smoke alarms in your home,  please contact Three Star Volunteer Fire Department at (901) 476-8183 or by submitting request. We are not manned so calling is imperative.

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Request a FREE Smoke Alarm:

You may request a smoke alarm if you meet the following conditions:

• You do not already have working smoke alarms in your home.

• The smoke alarms in your home are more than 10 years old.

• You reside on the property in which you are requesting alarms.

• The home is not new construction (new residential construction is ineligible for the program.

- Alarms are not and will not be connected to an existent electrical alarm company system.  Residents should contact their alarm company to have the existing alarms replaced/repaired.  

As you can see, this a year-by-year grant dependent program. Don’t wait. If you meet the requirements listed above, please give us a call or click on link above and submit a request. Installs normally take no more than 2 weeks from request.

Three Star personnel must install smoke alarm at residence wihtin our district.  If living outside Three Star fire district, we willl contact your fire respective fire department for installation.  No smoke detectors will be given without installation. 

Call: (901) 476-8183 (please leave message)

Audio / Visual & Bed Shaker Alarms Bed Shaker 

The SafeAwake Bed Shaker instantly wakes you from deep sleep to alert you to smoke and fire. Works with your own smoke alarm system, triggering all your senses with a motorized bed shaker, a flashing light and a low frequency, high decibel square wave sound you can actually hear.

The audio / visual and bed shaker alarms are specifically for the elderly, disabled, and hearing-impaired. You can request a SafeAwake Bed Shaker Smoke Alarm. These are ordered by request only and take a few extra weeks for installation. Just let us know this is the type you require when requesting.