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Applicants are expected to successful complete Basic Firefighter I (FF100) and Firefighter II (FF-200) prior to the end of the Probationary Period. Firefighters interested in achieving interior qualifications must successfully complete Firefighter I/II.

Additionally, prospective Interior firefighters must demonstrate to the Officers a practical understanding and high comfort level with the fundamentals of all interior firefighting evolutions.

Finally, they must demonstrate the ability to work in a safe and operationally acceptable manner. All Three Star Fire Department personnel are also expected to successfully complete the following training courses (or the equivalents) within their first year:

• Three Star sponsored Indoctrination Course

• Firefighter I/II

• SCBA confidence course

• Emergency Vehicle Operating Course (EVOC)

• National Incident Management System (NIMS), IS 700, ICS 100 & ICS 200

• Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC)

• Vehicle Extrication I/II


• First Responder

All firefighters must attend at least 70% of Three Star Fire Department scheduled training sessions.

We would be honored to answer any questions you may have.  Please stop by the fire station at 2050 Sadler School Road, Brighton, TN or give us a call anytime at (901) 476-8183.