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Three Star VFD Association Minutes
August 11, 2020

The meeting was called to order by President David Nutting at 7:32 p.m.

The following Board members were present: David Nutting, Kitty Jungkind, Sherrie Otte, Chris Alexander, Jim Long, Deborah Barry, Jason Padawer, Patrick McCorkle.

The minutes of the July 14, 2020 meeting were presented by Kitty Jungkind. One change was made, to note that the 5K had been cancelled. With the change as noted, the minutes were approved.

The Treasurer’s report for July was presented by Sherrie Otte. Sherrie noted the following for the Board:
1.  Budget sheet -- we didn't spend much in July that was budgeted;  we did pay for a couple things that had been scheduled for June to be paid for in July (hose test, pump test), and we received a portion of the new turnouts that had been approved to be paid for out of the savings account.  These items are NOT in the budget report, but are included in the income/expense report. 
2.  Account Balances -- savings account is up to $50,000+, which is good, but that includes the amounts approved to be spent on turnouts and uniforms. 
3.  Income/expenses -- income items dated 07/01/2020 are the amounts received prior to June 30 and held in the "payable to 20/21" portion of the checking account to be transferred in on 07/01 (ALL on paper -- no monies actually moved anywhere!).  The "Non-budgeted expense" line item details those amounts mentioned in Item #1, above.  Everything else is pretty standard.  
4.  Summary -- nothing on fund raisers, so the only summary is the dues report.  Payments have slowed, but I'm still getting 5-6 checks a week.  As of the end of July, we are $2,649 ahead of last year at the same time, and have received another $400+ since the first of August.  

Other notes:  we have purchased approximately $865 worth of exam gloves since the first of August (they are REALLY hard to find, so we got a lot).  I am also getting ready to order/purchase toner and paper for printing invoices and enclosures for the second mailing.  We have plenty of envelopes, labels and postage stamps on hand, so I've been getting them put together, and should be printing invoices in the next week or so.

Sherrie also noted that occasionally she receives payments which include amounts for prior years’ dues. She said she had decided to include the current year in the dues column and treat the balance as a donation.

No further Treasury matters being discussed, the Treasurer’s report was approved.

Deborah Barry gave the Auxiliary report. She stated the Auxiliary met last month and they are still planning on having the bake sale in November. As soon as they feel secure in having larger gatherings, they would plan some dinners. The Breakfast with Santa is tentatively set for December 12. The Dollar General has a new manager so they are hoping that toy donations will continue. The Auxiliary has decided to stuff envelopes on September 14.

Old Business- None.

New Business-

Chief Long discussed the reflective address signs. He said the FFs had determined that if all the address signs were attached to a stake (rebar) then that would simplify the delivery and installation of the signs. The signs would be vertical only and delivered attached to the stake which would be driven into the ground by the mailbox. He also noted that Chris Pyland had indicated that at some point he would be able to take over the sign production at some point. The Board was in general agreement that purchasing rebar and attachments to transfer over to signs attached to stakes was a good idea.

The annual letter has been sent requesting the operating funds from Tipton County.

Chief Long reported that he had emailed the ISO Inspector about the Three Star Status and finally received a response indicating that the progress the department has made is appropriate and our ISO rating would remain at 5.

Chief’s Report
Chief Long noted that the month had been busy. He summarized the current county Coronavirus status. He also advised that the department lost one member because the member had moved out of the district. The smoke detector program is back up and running again. The VFA grant period is open through September 11, and this year the grant will cover a wildland fire kit to be provided to grantees, no items to be listed or matching funds required. The AFG grant information for the 2019 grant is beginning to come out, a regional grant was submitted by Gilt Edge for Tipton County Fire Departments and Three Star will receive a portion.

No further business being brought before the group, on motion made and seconded, the meeting was adjourned.


ANNUAL MEETING:  Due to the continued threat of SARS-2 coronavirus transmission. the Governing Board of Three Star Volunteer Fire Department voted on June 8 to cancel this year's Annual Meeting that had been tentatively re-set for Saturday morning, June 27.  The Board also approved the proposed budget for FY2020-2021.  Click to view approved budget. The Board had previously approved that the Association's dues for the next FY be kept at their current levels.