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Three Star VFD Association Minutes

October 13, 2020

The meeting was called to order by President David Nutting at 7:30 p.m.

The following Board members were present: David Nutting, Kitty Jungkind, Sherrie Otte, Chris Alexander, Jim Long, Deborah Barry, Jason Padawer, Patrick McCorkle. 

The minutes of the August 11, 2020 meeting were presented by Kitty Jungkind. After a motion and second, the minutes were approved. 

The Treasurer’s report for September was presented by Sherrie Otte.  Sherrie noted the following for the Board:

  1. Dues are coming in -- since the second mailing went out, we have received $3,310 in dues (as of October 10), plus seven (7!) sign orders and $250 in donations.  There is a correction in New Equipment:PPE line item -- in August, I showed the full charge of $451.05 for two pairs of structural boots.  However, only one pair has shipped, for a cost of $205.48; I have shown a correction of the difference ($245.57), which will post again when the second pair ships.  In the same category, we paid $1,078 for two Seek-Reveal-FirePro heat sensors.  There are charges of $1,198.82 and $770.75 in Travel and Training for the TN River Training Weekend.  The $770.75 training cost is shown as a line item of $432, reflecting credits from the prior month.
  1. Summaries -- There was a question last month on the calculations for the % of properties paid for the $60 line and the total line (far right side of the sheet).  Those two percentages include both the cash payments for that line as well as the Poplar Grove payees.  Therefore, the $60 property calculation is (473 + 263)/1525 = 48.3%.  This is (number of cash payments + number of Poplar Grove payments)/total number of properties billed at $60 each.  The total is (666 + 263)/2229 = 41.7%.  We are ahead of the total dues received and the total properties paid for as of September 30, compared to the same period last year.   We have 96 properties paid this year that did not pay in 2019-2020, and of those, 69 did not pay in 2018-2019 either.  By the same token, there are 89 properties that have not yet paid this year that did pay last year.  But there is still hope for those!  I have gone through the 25 or so returned invoices -- a couple of the properties have been sold since I last updated the database, and those invoices have been remailed to the new owners.  Most of them, though, are the ones with no mail receptacle or no forwarding address.  

Sherrie also noted that she had gone through the numbers to see what would need to be changed to deal with the missed fundraisers. The adjustments made are generally minor and overall, she is not worried about the budget. 

No further Treasury matters being discussed, the Treasurer’s report was approved. 

Deborah Barry gave the Auxiliary report. She stated the Auxiliary has not met this month. She stated that they are still planning on having the bake sale on the Saturday before Thanksgiving if Fastimes agrees. 

Old Business- 

There is a sample address sign on rebar available to view. 

The ISO rating letter appears to be in process, and Jim Long will follow up, as necessary.

New Business- 

Jim Long reported on training issues and concerns over costs of EMR certifications. He said he personally would be willing to pay a portion of the charges because the training is mandated in ops but not budgeted or anticipated for this fiscal year. Fortunately, there were no charges for the class this year but that can change as it is up to the discretion of the instructor. Chris Alexander noted that previously the board had agreed to pay for classes. The past agreement has been for the department to pay for the exam the first time only, with any renewal fees due from the participants. The final motion made provides that the department will pay 100% of the EMR license/registration fee for the current class, and to table the discussion of future treatment. The motion was amended to provide that the department would also cover any charges for the current class itself. After second, the motion as amended was approved with two abstentions. Jim Long said he would draft a proposed policy for review. 

Chief’s Report

Chief Long stated that the biggest concern for the period was the COVID status of several firefighters. Everyone is now cleared and has clearance from their doctor to participate. The mask requirement at the department is being retained. 

The Chief reported that Chris Pyland attended the elementary school safety meeting. Policies were discussed. The school would like Three Star to respond for drills which may be problematic since there may not be anyone available on short notice. Further discussion will be required. Also, some training on the school water protection system would be of benefit to the firefighters. 

Fire prevention week was handled by Chris Pyland as well and was successful. An idea was floated that the “top kids” at the school could be picked up and brought to school in a fire truck as a reward for their efforts.  More planning will be required.

The VFA grant will be released on October 15. A grant request was submitted to Southwest TN Electric for new CPR training aids. 

No further business being brought before the group, on motion made and seconded, the meeting was adjourned.

Approved at Association Meeting on 01/12/21 


ANNUAL MEETING:  Due to the continued threat of SARS-2 coronavirus transmission. the Governing Board of Three Star Volunteer Fire Department voted on June 8 to cancel this year's Annual Meeting that had been tentatively re-set for Saturday morning, June 27.  The Board also approved the proposed budget for FY2020-2021.  Click to view approved budget. The Board had previously approved that the Association's dues for the next FY be kept at their current levels.