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Three Star VFD Association Minutes

March 9, 2021

The meeting was called to order by President David Nutting at 7:32 P.M.

The following Board members were present: David Nutting, Sherrie Otte, Chris Alexander, Jim Long, Deborah Barry. 

Secretary's Report.  A draft of the minutes of the Jan. 12, 2021 meeting had been circulated. After a motion and second, those minutes were approved. They will now be posted on the departmental website. 

The Treasurer’s reportfor Feb. '21 was presented by Sherrie Otte (that for Jan. '21 had previously been sent electronically to Board members).  

Sherrie noted that we are ahead of last year for dues collections and should slightly exceed our budgeted projection, which will somewhat offset the projected loss of income from lack of fundraisers due to COVID.  The only major expenditure expected in the upcoming month is for 6 sets of interior firefighting turnout gear, including boots, hoods, and gloves (about $14,000), leaving only normal operating expenses.  Of course, later there will be typical end-of-year expenditures that will take us closer to budgeted expense projections. 

No further Treasury matters being discussed, the Feb. '21 Treasurer’s report was approved. 

Auxiliary Report.  Deborah Barry led off an extensive discussion concerning the BBQ and its relation to the continuing COVID pandemic and the Annual Meeting. The possibilities raised and discussed included: 1) having it as usual, but with masks and gloves on servers (attendees optional masking); 2) a "drive-through", picking up boxed BBQ, beans, and slaw, choice from two desserts, but no drinks; 3) cancelling entirely;  4) postponing until sometime in the fall, likely after several other area BBQs, and 5) only sell BBQ butts (no dinner). In cases (1), (2), and (4), we would also pre-sell butts as done up to 2020's cancellation.  After considerable discussion, the Board decided that the most reasonable and practical plan was option (4) [postponing to the Fall;  but should BBQ-ing at that time prove not to be feasible, we will try hard to have some other community meeting and fundraiser.   We noted that postponement of the May BBQ dinner and meeting will mean that the required Annual meeting will occur on the second Tuesday in June. 

Old Business - 

Updates on planning for 2021 Elections:  The President reported that the S@A (Jason Padawer) told him that now that the nominating deadline had passed, emails were sent this past weekend to those individuals who were nominated for Chief, asking whether they would accept or "deny" [i.e., decline] their nomination.  The deadline for nominees to respond is March 27, and some have already replied to the S@A. The election will still take place as previously planned, on Tuesday, April 6, 2021. In-person voting (the preferred method) will occur at the station between 6:30 and 7:00 PM.  Any eligible voters who cannot attend (e.g., being at work or ill) must notify the S@A beforehand and then email their vote directlyto the S@A, who will inform the tellers of each of those person's votes (e-voters' names will be kept anonymous by the S@A).  It was noted that, contrary to the statement made at the January meeting, this method will not keep that person's vote totally secret, since the S@A will know, although he is to keep that confidential.  The rest of the election procedures and announcements will remain the same as previously planned (see January's minutes).

There is one Board position due for election this year: Secretary. This still will occur at the Annual Meeting (now re-scheduled to Tuesday evening, June 8, starting at a time TBD). 

Dues notices:  the mailing of these will now be delayed until the end of the week of May 2, since these are supposed to be mailed about one month ahead of the re-scheduled date for the Annual Meeting. Therefore the assembly of envelopes and enclosures will occur at an Auxiliary meeting on Monday, May 3; firefighters are also needed for that. 

New Business - Due to the postponement of the Annual Meeting, the Board's '21-'22 budget review session will be postponed until May 11 (the night of a typical Association monthly meeting). 

Chief’s Report - Chief Long had emailed his February 2021 report to the Board and FFs previously, so he just touched on several highlights, including: a) we responded to 48 of 49 calls (98%); (b) mean response to fire-related calls was 7.28 3-Star FFs; (c) there was one working structure fire in Mason (automatic mutual aid) and one car fire; (d) 4 MVCs, no major injuries; (e) 3 DOA calls (all out of our district); and (f) 4 FFs are still taking the 64 hr FF-I course (it has a very prolonged class time this year). In addition, ChiefLong informed the Board that 5 of our FFs were interviewed by TCSO detectives, concerning what they observed at a homicide call they were dispatched to that was in the Charleston area; all of that session was recorded and will be kept for many years. Also, our department readily agreed to provide water from our tanker, if needed, to northern Shelby County during that county's water crisis during and after the winter storm (as we would for other fire-department-related aid requests from Shelby County). 

Adjournment.  No further business being brought before the group, on motion being made and seconded, the meeting was adjourned at 8:16 P.M.

Draft Submitted March 10, 2021 by Pres. David Nutting.

Approved with no additions or changes from the Board of Directors on 04/16/21 


2021 ANNUAL MEETING:  The Governing Board of Three Star Volunteer Fire Department voted on March 9, 2021 to hold year's Annual Meeting Tuesday evening, 8 June 2021.  The Board will also present the proposed budget for FY2021-2022 and hold elections for the position of Secretary.  All are encouraged and invited to attend.
The annual BBQ will be postponded until the Fall 2021.