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In 2018, Knox and the Tennessee State Fire Marshal's Office kicked off a statewide "Close The Door" campaign aimed at bringing this life-saving message to residents across Tennessee.

A closed door is one of the best pieces of firefighting and lifesaving equipment.

It can:

• Reduce fire growth and spread

• Limit damage to your home

• Possibly save lives if you have to leave a room that is on fire, simply closing the door behind you can be the best decision you make.


• Close the bedroom door when sleeping, if possible.

• Close doors behind you when escaping a room or building that's on fire.

• Keep fire doors closed. Never wedge, disable or prop open fire doors in any building.

Did You Know?

• 3 minutes - that's how much time you have to escape a fire.

• You should have two ways out of every room in your home.

• For best possible protection, install interconnected smoke alarms inside and outside each bedroom.

• When escaping a fire in your home, close the door behind you. It will help contain the fire.

• You should never wedge, disable, or prop open fire doors.