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Thank you for visiting the Three Star Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary. We are dedicated to helping the men and women of Three Star Volunteer Fire Department in their service to our community.

Meet the Auxiliary

President:  Ms. Deborah Barry 

Vice President:  Vacant

Secretary:  Ms. Paula Lasday 

Life-Time Member:  Ms. Patsy Fee 

Active Member:  Mr. Brian Styler

Active Member:  Mr. Steve Lasday 

Active Member: Ms. Pam Cole

 Thank you ladies and gentlemen for all your time, dedication, and comittment. 

The primary objective of the Auxiliary is to provide and assist the entire Fire Department with whatever is needed or requested in order for the department to succeed at its mission. Our department Auxiliary consists of men and women who lend us a hand at several events such as dinners, fundraisers, our annual 5K run/walk, and many other events.

The Auxiliary exists in full force and provides well-appreciated services to the Fire Department, whether by supporting members at long-lasting emergencies and training events or participating in important fund raising activities.

The Auxiliary is a major contributor to our success at Three Star Volunteer Fire Department. The members of the auxiliary meet monthly and do all the planning, briefings, and execution of most major events including all fundraisers, advertising, decorating, cooking, and most of the shopping needs.

Auxiliary meets every first Monday of each month at 6:30 PM at the Fire Station located at 2050 Sadler School Rd, Brighton.

Do you want to help your local fire department by joining our auxiliary? Call us today at (901) 288-5353 or use our contact form!